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  Net Leased Properties For 1031 Exchange



Invest your 1031 exchange proceeds  in net lease properties for unlimited financial gains


Today, many investors in commercial real estate  consider  exchanging their investment properties  with net lease properties through 1031 exchange, the most profitable option. Such investments will not only give monthly income and annual property value appreciation, but investors will also get the incredible benefits of deferred capital gain tax by selling or exchanging the NNN properties through 1031 Exchange tax rule. At Triple Net Investment Group, we specialize in 1031 exchange and triple net properties  and hence, we are able to help clients that come from different walks of life. Whether, you are the first time investor or well-established investor we are available to assist. Our professionals are highly experienced in 1031 exchanges and can find you the best Single Tenant Properties for Sale in the market. Take the advantages of our premium quality services at reasonable fees.


Investors can defer the capital gain tax from the sale of a property by using a 1031 exchange real estate intermediary. 1031 Tax deferred exchange is carried out by Qualified Intermediary (It is an independent third party that prepare the essential documents to create the exchange and it also acts as the independent escrow agent for the exchange of funds). This tax rule allows real estate owners to sell or exchange the existing property and acquire another property of similar value without paying tax for the profit they have made by selling/exchanging the existing one. Exchangers can buy a like kind property of equal or greater value by using the cash equity in the subsequent purchase of NNN properties. Such properties for exchange are not necessary to be of same type or kind. However, real property should be exchanged by real property.



Net lease Properties  or NNN lease, a bond-style investment and coupon-clipper are terms refer to owning property leased to a single tenant for long-term. Such commercial property is highly beneficial for investors who have less experience in this business sector.  Apart from this, there is no geographical limitation for buyers and sellers.  


Most investors prefer to use their  1031 exchange proceeds to invest in single tenant net lease properties instead of investing in other unproductive real estates, land, stock market, Mutual fund and REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). The main reason for this is that direct ownership of net leased properties  can give the owners the benefit of defer capital gains by  exchanging the properties through 1031 exchange tax rule. Apart from this, nnn net triple net properties  allow immediate liquidity in your emergency requirement.

If you have decided to sell and exchange your property through 1031 exchange , then Triple Net Investment Group is always there for you. Our professionals will assist you in every step so that you can make the right decision at the right time. We also provide consultation services to let the clients know more about 1031 exchange single tenant nnn properties and the benefits associated with such properties. Our experts will help the clients at the best level so that they (clients) can fulfill the requirements and important procedures to take the benefits of 1031 exchange nnn properties. Save as much money as you can save by selling or exchanging the NNN properties or net leased properties with the help of our excellent services.


Benefits of investing in Net Lease properties when doing 1031 exchange: 

Ø   Owners/ landlords of  1031 exchange single tenant net lease properties do not have financial and maintenance responsibilities of the properties


Ø   Exemption from tax payment on realized gain when exchanging properties

Ø    Income tax payment on realized gains exempted for both current owner and the future heir

Ø    Assure monthly cash flow and deduction of income tax such as depreciation

Ø    Owners can exchange real properties with similar value or higher value

Ø    It allows rebuilding equity by disposing of   appreciation topped out properties

Ø    It gives the ability to acquire more profit and turnover that are equal to free-    loan for next investment

Ø    Lifetime property exchange facility with systematic planning and by following certain government regulations.

 1031 tax deferred exchange:

  •  Like-kind property investment for 1031 exchanges. Investment properties for investment properties. A real estate investor can sell an apartment building and exchange it with a strip mall, office building or net leased restaurant.
  • As per the 1031 exchange general rule you may not sell your primary residence or structure it as an exchange. Moreover, the property which is sold or purchased can be exchanged whatever is the type of utilization of property.
  • For 1031 exchange single tenant nnn properties, an owner of the real estate or apartment building may choose to structure the sale of the property as an exchange and purchase a home on a golf course or a net leased pharmacy.
  • For 1031 exchange investments, a free land or property which is held for investment can be exchanged for retail property held for business purposes. You can get 1031 exchange national retail properties so that you can grow your portfolio and defer your tax burden. This is the best way to save tax.
  • Our company specializes in providing 1031 exchange triple net properties through which you can transform your gain into immediate equity and tax free cash. The 1031 tax deferred exchange will provide more equity. 
  • 1031 exchange nnn properties are perfect for commercial and retail property owners as well as investors. If a real estate owner or investor is selling a commercial property whether it is shopping complex or outlet for $ 1,000,000 and a net adjusted basis of $500,000, that investor or owner will have a profit of $500,000 upon the sale of the property. It preserves your equity, maximize return on investment, and increase cash flow from larger properties. 

Contact us to know more about the benefits of 1031 exchangeNNN properties can give amazing tax benefits and large amount of profit without any kind of financial and maintenance responsibilities. Moreover, such properties are leased out only to credit tenants that are assigned good credit rating by authorizedagencies such as Standard & Poor's, Dun & Bradstreet and A.M. Best. NNN Properties leased out to credit tenants have almost zero chances of leased default. However, investing, buying, leasing or selling nnn triple net properties are not free from certain risks and restrictions. But, an investor can overcome or avoid them with strategic planning, management and assistance of our experts.



Some main reasons why you should trust  Triple Net Investment Group while doing a 1031 exchange:

Ø  Have years of experience in  Single Tenant Properties for Sale  andspecialize 1031 Exchange real estate tax rules.

Ø   One-stop-solution for the entire needs of different clients

Ø   Experienced in  1031 exchange national retail properties,

Ø   Updated with the latest market information 

Ø   A ccess to property list of solid net lease properties  

Ø    Each client is paid utmost attention 

Ø     No charge finder’s fee 

Ø    Assure quality services 

Ø    Assure client’s satisfaction  

Ø    Affordable service charges and many more… 


Associate with us to take the benefits of investment in  1031 exchange triple net properties.   We offer professional, reliable and high quality services at the most competitive fees. You can also contact us or visit our website if you have any query or want to know more about our extraordinary services.



We specialize in the sale of net leased properties in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and nationwide. We work hard to speed the business process and ensure that our clients experience is hassle free. We have been able to provide buyers with sound investment options in commercial real estate and sellers with specialized strategies to maximize their property value and appreciation. 



Why Single Tenant Triple Net Properties?


Triple Net Properties are popular because of their predictable cash flow and financially strong corporate entity guaranteeing the lease. Triple Net properties can be either single tenant Triple Net properties or Multi-Tenant Properties. In Triple Net properties tenant is responsible to pay for the net of  taxes, insurance, operating and building maintenance expenses.  In some cases the roof and building structure is also covered by the tenant.




Why work with us in your transactions?

At Triple Net Investment Group, We have access to an extensive inventory of commercial Triple Net Properties for sale such as: 7- Eleven, Advance Auto Parts, Applebee's, AT&T, Autozone, Bank of America, BB&T, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Block-buster, BP, Burger King, Chase Bank, Chevron,Chili's, Citibank, Costco, CVS, Dollar General, DaVita, Exxon Mobil, FedEx, Food Lion, Foot Locker, Gap, Goodyear, Home Depot, Jack in the Box, JC Penney, Jiffy Lube, Key Bank, KFC, Kindercare, Kmart, Kohl's, Lowe's, McDonald, Nordstrom, Office Depot, Office Max, Olive Garden, Pep Boys, PetSmart, Pizza Hut, PNC Bank, Popeyes, Radio Shack, RBC Bank, Regal, Rite Aid, Ross Stores, Ruby Tuesdays, Safeway, Sears, Staples, Starbucks, Shell Oil, Taco Bell, Target, T-Mobile, Verizon, Wachovia, Walgreen, Wal-Mart, Wells Fargo, Wendy's, Whole Foods, etc,and contacts to find you exactly what you are looking for.

We can help you make your decision confidently with knowing all the facts on the latest available data on financials and market analysis in regard to your investment property. Please make sure to ask us about financial, market, user and even investment analysis of your desired investment commercial real estate before you make any decision. 

We work with network of commercial real estate advisers nationwide and our brokers have at least 5 years of commercial real estate leasing and sales experience and have handled almost any sort of commercial real estate transactions in the Washington DC area.

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